Would you like to work on your health on different levels? BLOOM creates a personalized menu for you. A menu consists of a number of tailor-made sessions that our specialists put together for you based on the outcome of an intake meeting. Working on different levels (e.g body, mind, nutrition) results in quicker & more lasting positive effects.

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Some examples of Menu’s:

  • Energizer
    • Do you wish you had more energy?
    • Do you want to learn how to relax so that your body is less tense or so that you can be more active?
    • Have you got too many things on your mind?
    • Do you almost fall to sleep at lunchtime? 

BLOOM can make you a menu containing for example Coaching, Massage, Nutrition Advice and Mindfulness.


  • Happy Family
    Every child and every parent find things difficult at times. As a parent you sometimes don’t know how you should handle things and as a child you sometimes just don’t feel good about yourself.

At BLOOM – House of Health our youth and family team are there for you to create a tailor-made Menu with for example Child Coaching, Parental Support Groups, Social Skills Training for Children and Yoga with your Child.


  • Time to Change
    • Are you stuck in a rut with your work?
    • Do you want to change your lifestyle?
    • Do you have doubts about your home situation?
    • Do you feel as if your whole body is exhausted?
    • Have you been a bit short tempered recently?

BLOOM can make you a menu containing for example Coaching for Professionals,, Mindfulness and Career Advice.