Integrative Systemic Experience

Core Creative Systemic explorations into the unconscious with family constellations as a diagnostic and pedagogical tool

Embracing myself.. Embracing the world

The workshop is a sharing circle and group practice that helps you get in touch with your feelings to discover your needs. Caring for these needs and connecting with others and their own needs.

Yoga for a stronger core

This 2-evening workshop gives you a good introduction to yoga exercises for a stronger core.

Postnatal Yoga workshop

Yoga is not just important during pregnancy to stay fit and to prepare the body and mind for labour. It is really important after pregnancy as well.

Prenatal Yoga workshop

The workshop is divided in 4 parts and is recommended after finishing the 1st trimester of pregnancy, to avoid any risk.

De-stress head, jaws & face muscles workshop (TMD)

Do you feel that you are having soar jaw muscles and/or painful jaw joints? Do you get headaches? Do you get pain and feel stiffness in the neck and shoulder? Do you notice that you grind or clench your teeth? Than this workshop is perfect for you!

BLOOMy Gift card

Are you looking for a nice present to give? Order a BLOOMy Gift card!

Couple massage workshop

Learn how to massage your beloved one and get a relaxing massage back as both of you will learn from a professional how to massage each other properly.

Mindful eating course

Research has found that “how” you eat can have a more positive and lasting effect on your health than “what” you eat. Mindful Eating is a practice that allows us to develop a healthy relationship with food.

Detox your relationship – workshop

If you would like to get tips on how to detox your relationship and also taste if the full course could be helpful for you join this one-evening workshop with Vassia Sarantopoulou.

Relationship detox course

Join us in this relationship course and get rid of all the toxic elements you have been dealing so far. Build a strong and baggage-free foundation. Get the love you want and deserve!

Compassion course

During this 8 evening course we focus on developing kindness, compassion – towards others and ourselves.

Nonviolent communication – Introduction

This one day English introductory workshop will give you an understanding of the key concepts and principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Masterclass intuitive development

Would you like to get more self-insight and develop your intuition more intense? Live more from the heart? Be more balanced and relaxed in your life? This masterclass might be perfect for you!

A taste of Mindfulness

We invite you to an evening where you will be introduced to Mindfulness and MBSR. We will look at what mindfulness is and talk about some common misconceptions.

Breastfeeding information meeting

This 2-hour session will provide insight into the process of giving breastfeeding. 
Attending creates confidence and is a good preparation for the breastfeeding period.

Mindfulness Introduction – 4 weeks

Mindfulness 4-weeks course in English for those interested in getting a basic introduction to some of the key mindfulness techniques.

Mindfulness 8-weeks course

develops awareness, reduces anxiety and stress, stimulates contact with body and mind, boosts confidence and self-awareness, helps with discovering and changing “ingrained patterns”, improves concentration and is soothing and relaxing.

Individual Mindfulness Course

More flexibility, more personal attention, shorter sessions, but still complete the full Mindfulness course? Choose the 1-on-1 Mindfulness coaching at BLOOM.

BLOOM Baby Matinee

Live classical Music for your baby. Once a month on a Sunday you can settle down at BLOOM to enjoy a beautiful classical concert together with your baby.

Mindfulness course

At BLOOM we offer several options for Mindfulness since everybody’s wishes and needs are different. You might have a busy agenda or prefer an individual approach. Check the different tastes we have!