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Weight loss

Healthy, structural, delicious and filling. This is not another diet that will leave you hungry, grumpy and longing for a ‘cheat day’. Nor is it a calorie-controlled programme or one where you just eat rabbit food. Our aim is to revamp your eating habits and show you that maintaining weight with healthy food can be delicious and filling and leave you full of energy too!


Besides the tailor-made BLOOM-menus, we also offer packages which contain several specialisms and take a set period of time. The packages will of course still be adjusted to fit your personal needs.

Swedish massage

An intense massage targeting the muscles. Also known as a Sports massage.


Pilates is a very effective way to train your body. You work on your core strenght, flexibility and breathing techniques.

Yoga for pregnant women

Yoga prepares the mother physically and mentally for giving birth. It helps women get through their pregnancy with minimal discomfort. It also helps the birth and post-delivery stages.


Beginners and more trained students are welcome to join. Even a private lesson is possible (1 to 3 persons). We teach Power Yoga in small groups.

Personal Training

A healthy weight and less stress through knowledge of better exercise, lifestyle and eating habits.