Charlotte Linnebjerg

Charlotte Linnebjerg

Charlotte Linnebjerg coacht in het Engels



If your lifestyle is affecting your health and you need help to make some changes, Wellness Coaching will help you to focus on what is important to you, identify what changes you need to make, and Charlotte will support you in making it happen.


She has run her own Wellness Coaching business successfully overseas for 8 years, offering training, making nutrition and life plans including mentoring services. Her style of coaching is values-based and non-judgmental. She is working with the mind to help the body and is passionate about helping people to feel a sense of fulfillment in all aspects of their lives.



Here are some of the things Charlotte’s clients have achieved:

  • Setting new realistic health goals
  • Living a healthier, more fulfilling life
  • Learning how to eat healthy without it being difficult
  • Lose weight and maintaining the weight loss
  • Setting and attaining personal wellness goals
  • Changing unhealthy behavior patterns
  • Feeling more in balance in all aspects of your life
  • Identifying what is important to you and living in line with your values
  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Living a happier and more fulfilling life
  • Helping you through Menopause
  • Enlighten your mind so you won’t end up burned out or depressed
  • Creating a daily workout program that you can do with your own body weight


I have recently moved to Den Haag after been living in Sydney, Melbourne, Bangkok and the last 17 years in Kuala-Lumpur. I am born in Denmark. I believe in a healthy and active lifestyle without counting calories and during the weekend we drink wine and eat dessert. Everything in moderation. I would like to help you to get connected to yourself and treat yourself with love and respect.

Prior to becoming a Wellness Coach, I specialized in personal training for nearly two decades. Having achieved excellence in my own fitness e.g. I have enjoyed playing team sport at International level and I have also completed several full marathons around the world; Due to my own life experience I realized there is much more to wellness than just physical exercise. This led me to undertake specialized Qualifications in nutrition and mindset, including a curiosity for how to successfully make our body and mind play together on the same team. I feel much healthier today in my body than I did 20 years ago.

I believe that the reason why my clients choose me as a Wellness Coach is that I convert and transfer my personal positive mindset of a winner to motivate them as individuals.

If it sounds like we will be a good fit for each other, please do not hesitate to call BLOOM and book me for our first session.


Relevant education & experience
Charlotte is a Certified ICF Performance Coach, with over 20 years’ experience in personal development. In Sydney she also studied Anatomy & Physiology at Sydney University and she round it up with becoming a Master Coach of Australia AIPT.