Vytaute Babone

Vytaute Babone

Vytaute practiced very different professions and skills like management, music, journalism and is interested in classic psychology, literature, visual arts, yoga, dance, sports, meditation and budhistic teachings. Since live brought her to the Netherlands, for five years she intensively studied here and abroad in HBO accredited institutes and foundation courses (shiatsu, acupuncture, ayurveda, DoTai – Jap.Chirop., movement sciences, massage, craniosacral therapy and western medical background).

She studied the body’s “secrects” and abilities to restore it’s hormones, nervous system, to release pain and to nourish health. Vytaute now combines all her experience and knowlegde into a wonderful body balancing therapy, which helps to diminish exhaustment, pain & tension, feeling full & heavy.

The inner force always turned me to look for the way to do something special, also to keep my intellect challenged and at the same time to avoid freezing desk work for my body. The studies and life experience made me realize that more and more of the physical malaises do not have a clear cause and manifest as a result of stress or disbalance. 20 minutes of medical body treatment or a few pills give a temporal relief, but reality shows that modern persons need different care to achieve overall health.

Relevant education

  • Shiatsu and movement sciences CSMBK incl. accredited medical HBO program instructed according to standarts of nurses and alternative health care specialists in The Netherlands. Graduated in 2013, duration 4 years.
  • International certification program in rehabilitation according to Josef Pilates method, 2013
  • Certificate for chiropractic DouTai method, 2012
  • Training “Hormonal imbalance treatment with shiatsu and reflex-zone therapy”, certificate 2012
  • Training “Introduction to Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral therapy, neuro-effective touch” 2012
  • Diploma for SIVAS acupuncture, according to dr. Paul Nogier’s method 2011-2012
  • International certification in Namikoshi Shiatsu, 2011
  • Training in osteopatic Cranio-Sacral therapy, diploma 2010
  • Training “Stress treatment with shiatsu and reflex-zone therapy”, certificate 2010
  • Certificate for Ayurveda theory and therapeutic massage, 2008