Stana van Ginkel

Stana van Ginkel



Stana specializes in nutrition, lifestyle and prevention based on Ayurveda, and is a passionate supporter of Integrative Medicine. For those who wish to improve their health, quality of life and learn about health from a naturopathic point of view are at the right place consulting Stana. Stana uses Ayurvedic diagnostic methods as well as blood test results received through your GP, doctor, or the labs Stana is cooperating with.


As a child of two cultures I had the privilege to spend my summer holidays with my Macedonian grandma. A wise women who knew every herb in her garden and also which natural product could be used to cure illness. Food as a preventive instrument to stay healthy, physically and mentally was common knowledge for my mom and grandma.


Being overweight is a genetic predisposition in our family. Rather unhandy in a family and culture where everybody cooks with love and passion and really enjoys the rich Mediterranean kitchen. With my background I knew that the key for preventing to become overweight was in applying the knowledge my grandma gave me, but how? That’s when I focussed on the Ayurvedic knowledge.


Relevant education & experience


  • HBO Ayurvedic Practitioner
  • Ayurvedic Nutritional Therapist
  • HBO Medical basic knowledge
  • HBO Psychosocial basic knowledge

Additional education:

  • Blood tests and lab results
  • Interaction between allopathic medicine and supplements
  • Detox
  • Yearly obligatory medical eduaction


  • Thesis 2009 “Weight management from an Ayurvedic point of view” in Prakash Deep Institute in Raiwala – India
  • Practice since 2010 specialized in nutrition, lifestyle and prevention
  • Actively involved since 2010 in several initiatives regarding Integrative Medicine
  • Actively involved since 2010 in several commissions as science, evidence based treatments and cooperation with insurance companies
  • Development of trainings and teaching since 1994, and specifically in health care since 2012
  • Tutor Medical Maths and portfolio since 2015