Nancy Richani

Nancy Richani

Nancy Richani is specialised in yoga and massage. She speaks English, Arabic and Dutch.

Guidance on eating healthy, meditating, breathing techniques, being positive and looking to life through completely different eyes is what Nancy will highlight in every yoga class. Further to that comes the massage, for more relaxation and pampering.

I love to meet up with beginners regularly, teaching them how to change to a healthy life style and a happier fulfilling living. Through pointing to their less healthy habits, teaching them how to change and replace these habits with better ones, ones that would fit their personal needs. Because each one of us is different when it comes to physics, logistics and needs. Giving the the yoga exercises that suit everyone’s abilities and capacity, assisting in every posture with the technique how to get into it, building body strength day by day.




Relevant Education
Yoga teaching certificate awarded by Ashtanga Yoga Mysore, India in 2013.

Courses involved:

  • Yoga asanas.
  • Yoga theory.
  • Adjustment.
  • Ayurveda.
  • Anatomy.
  • Yoga history & philosophy.
  • Teaching techniques.
  • Meditation.

Ayurvedic massage & panchakarma therapy certificate awarded by P.V.A. School Of Massage & Panchakarma Therapy, Kerala, India in 2013.

Courses Involved:

  • Ayurveda Theory.
  • Panchakarma theory.
  • Massage practicals.
  • Panchakarma practicals.
  • Healthy cooking.