Marieke de Leeuw

Marieke de Leeuw


‘By living from your deepest values it is easier to do what really suits you best,
enjoy your space, start to grow’


Marieke challenges people to look at their situation from a different perspective, look into patterns and question them when appropriate. This may be confronting, but often results in a freeing sensation. By being more aware about yourself and experiencing a different approach space is created for growth and development.

If you experience stress related complaints or have a burn out, Marieke is the person to consult. She is a CSR-coach®. The CSR-method (Chronic Stress Reversal) is a scientificically proven and effective. After a thorough analysis Marieke makes a plan tailored for your situation. Some of the elements are: stop overexploition, physical & mental recovery, better self management, relapse prevention, re-integration. She can also get in contact with your company doctor or employer, but only if you ask for this of course.


  • Why do people what they do, even if this may be counterproductive?
  • Why do people stay where they are, even if it makes them unhappy?
  • Why does one person recover easier from a set back than the other?

In my job as a general practitioner and later in the health and safety (Arbo) services
I got intrigued more and more by these questions. I started a coach course and a whole new world opened up for me. Coaching is a way of guidance of which I am passionate and in which I can use my skills to the fullest. I would love to join you for a while on your path!



  • Stress & burn out
  • Balancing work-private life
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Coping with set backs

Relevant education & courses

  • Professional training as Coach Practitioner (Alba academie, post HBO)
  • Course and training stress prevention and -intervention accrording to the CSR-method
  • Mindfulness course
  • Member of NOBCO
  • General Medical training (GP), Utrecht University