Karima Abdel

Karima Abdel


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One of the Deepest, Revealing and Transformative Explorations of your True Self


Karima Abdel (MA)is an International Empathic, multifaceted and holistic Health Psychologist specialized in the educational field, employing systemic (family & couple) and transpersonal interventions with significant experience in private elite institutions, varied educational contexts for children and young adults, female empowerment contexts and clinical health environments.

She is bilingual in Spanish & English and has a high level in French.



Specialized in deep interventions as Head of psycho-educational departments in schools, health care facilities (a.o. autism centers, child oncology centers) and female empowerment contexts, I now feel passionate about applying a creative and integrative methodology to broaden how we view ourselves and our perceived difficulties. From family and child work, to couple and individual work, it’s about getting to the “core” of what matters, achieving a sense of peace and liberation. Always having been characterized for going “above and beyond” I devote myself to the being having the privilege of accompanying, shortening the distance between the conscious selves and the maximum potential, with plenty of self love!


Relevant Work Experience
Head of Psychology department in private school and institutions in Marbella in charge of family therapy and child trauma and socio-emotional care : Responsible for developmental evaluation, diagnosis and intervention both in a Family and school context (including Child Protection Officer role)( Marbella, Spain) 2012-2017

Currently offering workshops and individual sessions concentrating on healing trauma and exploring potential: via couple, individual and female ( individual and mother/child dynamic) sessions. 2017-2019


Relevant education

  • Psychology degree specializing in systemic psychology and deep rooted trauma from early infancy to early adulthood ( Granada, Madrid, Spain & Paris, France )
  • MA in clinical intervention in socio-emotional difficulties in educational environments (Madrid, Spain)
  • Health psychology specialization via specific work experience in Child Autism Centre ( Cádiz, Spain): Use of personal art therapy method to channel aggression and anxiety into positive and free outlets of expression
  • Honors in Project development in bilingual emotional intelligence program for child oncological wing
  • Honors in Systemic psychology Thesis applied with Gestalt and creative psychology methodology
  • Supervised Systemic Psychology training from Hellinger based methodology ( Cádiz 2009-2013)
  • Systemic Organizational coaching training 2012-2013(Cadiz, Spain)
  • Psycho emotional training for perinatal care (Chile and Cuzco, Peru)
  • EMDR training with psychosomatic work in mother care environments and female trauma cases ( Marbella, Spain) 2017-2018


Additional Clinical- Holistic Formation

  • Transpersonal psychology certification
  • Hypnosis & Visualization Techniques
  • Mindfulness applied to developmental difficulties
  • Female empowerment development through psycho-therapy methodology: Numerous workshops in Chile, Peru, Marbella, Madrid and Paris
  • Oneiric painting course (2014-2016) related to clinical diagnosis in abstract painting as well as conflict resolution through abstract interpretation.


Her incredibly good heart has guided her in helping those lost around her into becoming their best selves. Her diverse experience and highly skilled professional knowledge is combined with the highest work ethics. You will always feel understood and supported into healing all that needs to heal. Karima has developed a unique method with her will and this has unprecedented positive impact on the development of your soul, heart and mind.
Malkawi, 28 France

I had a family session with Karima and it was truly amazing it had quite an impact on me and it was done from the heart. Karima is a caring and intuitive being and has so much to give and with so much love.
Michelle, 55 Spain