Karen Sjouke

Karen Sjouke


“Tell me, and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand”


Karen helps you to understand what your body tells you. She makes you aware of how much our body ‘knows’, both in a pleasant, loving sense as in an unpleasant and painful sense. Everything you’ve experienced is stored in your memory but also in your body.

The fact that your body has a memory, makes that it can open up a very powerful and clear way to gain insight into your complaints, which may be unexplained for years already. By attentively helping to interpret the complaints, Karen gives you insight in your complaints so you can understand them better. She’ll look for away to ventilate the emotion.


“As long as I can remember I’ve been busy with movement and to be moved (as in ‘being touched’). As a young girl I realized that when you are being moved by something (music, a film) or a person touches you, you sense it in your body. Both in a negative and a positive way. This fascinated me and in this fascination the seed was planted for my further development and the profession I practice nowadays with a lot of joy and passion. “


Karen’s Specialities

  • Individual & group therapy
  • Psychomotor therapy (Pesso)
  • Systemic therapie
  • Personality disorders

Relevant education & experience

  • Human Movement Sciences at VU University Amsterdam
  • Training in systemic work and constellations
  • Training in Mindfullness
  • Upcycling leadership training by Double Healix
  • Course in Pesso-therapy (bodywork with structures)
  • Management Development program by Parnassia
  • 18 years manager at Parnassia and Psyq