Jet Centeno

Jet Centeno

Without desire Jet would be unemployed. Her work is always about the human desire. Your desire. In priofessional situations and in the daily life. Together with you, Jet brings these desires back to the essence; you’ll go back to your inner core. She’ll guide you in this proces in an energetic and loving way. All at your pace.

Jet’s drive is to give you insight in your potential blockages and your potential, talent and strenght. She’ll let you express your desires, your dreams and gives you tools how to work with them. In the proces the un-wrapping of various layers (wraps) is the focuspoint. Everybody has these wraps, thick or thin. Step-by-step she helps you to un-wrap them and shows the potential relations between them. This helps you to look at yourself and others with more compassion.

Having had several management positions, I know how organisations think and act, how the company cultures operates and where there are needs. At the same time I’m strongly connected with the individual human being. I’d love to let you experience how it is to be connected to your suroundings (work, team, family, friends, etc.) by first and foremost connect to yourself. This enables you to work and live in complete freedom with yourself and your surroundings.


Relevant experience
Jet has more than 20 years of experience and succesfully completed several courses in coaching and systemic works.

At the Academy of Constellations she is partner in the field of relationships, women, work and personal leadership.

Within the Persona Leadership Program for young talent in the Dutch water industry she is responsible for designing and executing the development program.