Charlotte Gmelig Meijling

Charlotte Gmelig Meijling

“Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there”

Charlotte has an inquisitive and open mind, a useful quality in her work as a mindfulness trainer and psychosocial therapist. She doesn’t pretend to have the monopoly on wisdom. It’s ok to be at your wit’s end and learn from life. During the sessions she explores how you experience life. What is your truth, experience, force, grieve, talent, pain, confusion or desire? Together you’ll find out how you can create space and shape for the different aspects of your life.

‘I have an inquiring character. Always had it. I do not easily take something for granted. I prefer to look at it myself and experience, investigate so I can define my own path. I haven’t been a therapist for all my life. My career started of in the commercial sector and my final job was manager at ‘Joop van den Ende’. Instructive, dynamic and very nice but at a certain point I noticed that I wasn’t inspired by the business part of it. On the other hand, coaching and supporting my colleagues gave me a burst of energy and satisfaction. This was what I really wanted to do! I changed my course being 29th years old and re-skilled myself in being a psychosocial therapist and mindfulness trainer. In my work I bring a lot of life experience, attention & time and I’m always present with an open heart.

Relevant education:

  • Registered psychosocial therapist, member of LVPW
  • Certified Mindfulness trainer, member of VMBN
  • Base year ‘body oriented therapy’.


  • Guiding/coaching youngsters and adults while combining psychosocial therapy and mindfulness.
  • Coach and trainer in the business sector. She gives trainings in the area of personal development, leadership and mindfulness a.o. in cooperation with companies like ‘De Baak’, ‘Grolsch’ and ‘KPN’.
  • Mindfulness trainings in Dutch and English for groups and individuals, adults and children.
  • Training against perfomance anxiety for youngsters between 15 & 20 years old.
  • Organising retreats in France and the Netherlands with meditation, silence and yoga.