Alexandra Vos

Alexandra Vos


Health, passion and purpose are important elements of life and happiness


Alexandra helps you regain your power and to get the best out of your life. She does so with a unique blend of energetic therapy and coaching. The beauty of this proven approach is that you achieve part of your goals effortlessly.


Does this sound too good to be true? BLOOM-customers are really satisfied with what they have achieved with this method. Thanks to her unique combination of study, talent and experience, a session or programme with Alexandra is both enjoyable and efficient and result-oriented.



‘After years of creative and management positions in business (for example in fashion, television, expat relocations) it was clear to me that my personal motivation always had been: make people feel better. Since 2007 I work as a coach and energetic therapist for private persons and companies. My creative background and scientific interest are always present in my approach. I love to connect, share, learn, discover and communicate.’


Relevant training and experience

  • Academy of Fine Arts
  • Media Academy
  • 3-year training: healing
  • Training: Journey-therapist, at Brandon Bays
  • Family-and governance-constellations
  • College education Medical Basic Knowledge
  • Courses and workshops on, among other things, the field of consciousness, Native American knowledge and meditation