Marieke Hoekstra

I, Marieke Hoekstra, am the one who started BLOOM – House of Health. These things, my passions, inspired me to create BLOOM:

  • Bringing people together and making sure the relationships blossom
  • Making knowledge available to everyone
  • Living healthily and well in a practical way


Me in a nutshell

Marieke Hoekstra


– A lover of life

– Biologist

– Matchmaker

– Nutritionist

– Creator

– World Traveller

– Bookworm




After more than ten years in management positions in the service industry it was time to start following where my passions led me. Within no time BLOOM was born and having now seen the enthusiastic reactions to it – the timing was perfect!

My vision is that a good and healthy life is easy for anyone to achieve. The challenge can be to find the right specialists and combination of different health activities. When I was burned out I spend 3 months with a psychologist who wasn’t the right person for me. But having no energy I only realized it after a couple of months. After that I combined a program myself with a Burn-out coach, yoga and healthy food. And see where I am now.

When you visit BLOOM we first get to know you after which we offer you a tailor made program, your BLOOM-Menu. Stop searching yourself, like I did. Give me a call and start to BLOOM.