Testimonial Augusta van Haga

In short:

  • The BLOOM Menu which Marieke Hoekstra created for me was “Spot on”!
  • My eating habits changed in a lasting way.
  • I approach life in a happier & lighter way.
  • Oki Do Yoga: Yes please, twice a week!
  • The best is that my personal development still continues.

I can wholeheartedly recommend BLOOM to everybody 


“After I met Marieke Hoekstra on a network meeting, I felt stimulated to contact BLOOM. I already decided that I wanted to turn my life around into a healthier direction. It’s just that I tried and….. I couldn’t work it out by myself to let the change be a lasting one.

To my surprise Marieke just needed one phone call to create a program (a BLOOM Menu) especially for me. The Menu consisted of:

  • “A month’s holiday for your body” under the guidance of ‘detox coach’ Therese Flemminks; For I wanted to change my eating habits;
  • Coaching by ‘Letting Go coach’ Liesbeth van Woerden; I wanted to let go of some old baggage;
  • Oki Do Yoga; to create Me-time by taking Yoga classes.

The collaboration between the coaches was very clear to me, the planning was a mutual proces. Above all I felt that I could give input on the Menu on any moment during the whole proces.

At this moment, several months later:

  • My eating habits have changed continuously. I feel so much better. No afternoon dip, no thoughtless drinking coffee and wake up relaxed and energetic.
  • Liesbeth made me understand that Letting Go is ok and it feels so liberating to be aware of that.
  • About the Oki Do yoga I first had my doubts, but after just one lesson by Kim I was addicted. What an experience to just have fun in the excercises which don’t focus on what you are able to achieve physically but give you spiritual life lessons. What a joy to return to home with a body full of energy and an empty mind. You really have to experience this yoga yourself, words can’t express it.


Thank you Marieke and the team you’ve composed for me


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