Mindful Parenting course – 8 weeks

Mindful Parenting course – 8 weeks. For parents who want to learn to handle conflict and cope with stressful situations in raising their child(ren), who find it difficult to find balance between work and family life, with children who need more care (because they have been diagnosed f.e. with AD(H)D )

Detox your relationship – workshop

If you would like to get tips on how to detox your relationship and also taste if the full course could be helpful for you join this one-evening workshop with Vassia Sarantopoulou.

Relationship detox course

Join us in this relationship course and get rid of all the toxic elements you have been dealing so far. Build a strong and baggage-free foundation. Get the love you want and deserve!

Breastfeeding information meeting

This 2-hour session will provide insight into the process of giving breastfeeding. 
Attending creates confidence and is a good preparation for the breastfeeding period.

Couples Counselling

Experience how you can be yourself in your relationship in a relaxed way. Learn how you can bring out the best in your partner. Experience what you can do to make a connection with each other. Discover what is necessary to really connect again

Systemic Coaching

Working with and beyond family and organizational constellations. Are you curious about the systemic way of working for yourself or your organization and prefer to work individually? Or do you have a question that you would like to explore with the methods of family or organisational constellations? Then this way of coaching may be for you.

BLOOM Baby Matinee

Live classical Music for your baby. Once a month on a Sunday you can settle down at BLOOM to enjoy a beautiful classical concert together with your baby.

Yoga for pregnant women

Yoga prepares the mother physically and mentally for giving birth. It helps women get through their pregnancy with minimal discomfort. It also helps the birth and post-delivery stages.

Family constellations

Using a family constellation you can quickly get insight in life issues and visualize them.

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage works on stimulating the energy centers in the body. It’s not only a relaxing experience but it also helps your body to develop and revive.